Business Assessment Tools – Simplified

True Assessments is a market leader in automating your business assessments with our easy to use but powerful tools

Why Should Your Organisation use True Assessments Automated Business Assessment Tools?

Business assessment tools will help you to find the areas in your business that need improvement.

They assist you to develop plans that are easy to implement and focus on your objectives

Plans that enables you to step away from your business safe in the knowledge that your business will continue to run smoothly without you!

Organisations of all sizes and types from a broad range of industries including the not for profit sector use Business Assessment Tools to assess and develop organisational improvement strategies themselves, or with the assistance of business consultants.

True Assessments provides automated business assessment tools that makes them easy and economical for use by organisations of all shapes and sizes.

business-and-organisationsBusiness and Organisations

Assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement and growth.

No need for the reliance on specialist subject matter experts when using our range of business assessments and consultant-in-a-box concept.

consultants-and-resellersConsultants and Resellers

No need to re-invent the wheel or have to maintain your own tools.

Boost profit margins and billable time potential by having access to our range of world class business assessment tools.

Financial Incentives for reseller partners.

content-owners-and-innovatorsContent Owners and Innovators

Do you have your own fantastic Intellectual Property, ideas and wealth of experience?
Don’t waste time and money developing the delivery mechanism, we have already done that. We can capture all that within the True Assessment platform, and provide an exclusive assessment developed solely for your organisation, that can repeatedly provide trusted and consistent outcomes.

no-expensive-specialists-requiredNo expensive specialists required

No need for expensive expert specialists with exceptional subject matter expertise, readily available for easy self-delivery.
Specialist-in-a-box concept, run your own assessments with scientific results, consistency and comprehensive outcomes directly “out-the-box”.

economical-deliveryEconomical Delivery

No up-front costs, Pay-As-You-Use SaaS service delivery options

size-does-not-matterSize does NOT matter

Scale with confidence using the global, scalable Azure cloud platform hosted by Microsoft, assessments are secure and able to handle thousands of candidates.

Manage multiple assessments simultaneously

Exploit Your DataExploit your data

Analytics and Data mining opportunities exist through the use of Microsoft PowerBI. PowerBI provides real insights into your results and allows data to be exported for local analysis.

Businesses, Organisations, Consultants and Content Providers All Around The World Use True Assessments Automated Assessment Tools.

  • Does your organisation have a good understanding of your current IT and project management skills and competencies?
  • Is there a method of mapping skills development plans to prepare for the digital future?
  • Are you far too large, globally dispersed and busy for more traditional style competency assessments?
  • Does your organisation already have adequately skilled people who are able to interpret assessment outcomes and generate improvement plans, but the time and costs of designing and maintaining a bespoke assessment are prohibitive and uneconomical?
  • Do you find that the expense of having your IT processes assessed by expert consultants far exceeds the value of the outcomes, funds that could be put to better use making an actual difference?
  • Are projects in stress not being highlighted early enough for preventative actions to be taken or sensible decisions to be made?
  • Is your organisation capable of coping with organisational change?
  • Does your organisation have a trusted and consistent method to easily determine whether your IT processes are conforming to best practice standards?
  • Are you adequately prepared for stringent auditing that ensures strategic policy guidelines are being met?
  • Is your sales team performing to their potential?

Already being used by organisations of all types and sizes, from large global corporates, assessing the competencies of large numbers of project managers through to measuring processes or preparing for the Cloud.
Especially effective for large organisations with a worldwide geographical spread using 100% online delivery. No practical alternative delivery methods exist.

Dependable OutcomesOutcomes you can depend on

Feel confident assessment outcomes can be trusted and relied upon to make important business decisions.
Not your usual online self-assessment. We developed our platform with academic rigour to provide objective, reliable and consistent results.
We go much deeper and wider within an organisation to capture data from different perspectives to ensure the output can be trusted and used to make informed decisions.

broad-industry-coverageBroad industry coverage

World class subject matter expertise provided for a variety of business needs. Provides accurate and scientifically measured outcomes, with out-of-the-box advice and guidance.

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