About True Assessments

Business Assessment Tools for Resellers

True Assessments identify your client’s business improvements faster and more efficiently. Use our award winning automated tools to build more trust.

The world’s best assessment platform for ALL types of business and/or personnel assessments. Academically verified. Proven to deliver results. ALWAYS consistent and objective results. Highly automated. Low risk pay for use model. Award winning (itSMF innovation and AIIA innovation project).

Paul Collins

Paul Collins (Chief Executive Officer)

One of the founders and principle designers of the platform on which True Assessments is conducted, Paul is accountable for ensuring that the technology and features of the platform are able to meet our diverse range of assessments thereby continuing to meet client and market demands. In these ever changing times, Paul relishes the challenge of balancing innovation with practical as well as robust solutions.

His over 30 years of experience in ICT Management and IT Service Management consultancy coupled with an entrepreneurial proclivity, makes Paul ideally suited to apply his knowledge and experience to his role of CEO.

Paul Collins

Graham Kennedy (Chief Operating Officer)

Founder, and principle designer of the TrueAssessments portal platform, Graham is tasked with ensuring that the users of the platform are able totally exploit the opportunities that are offered through the automation of complex consulting activities, understanding the challenges of our resellers and their customers, and to feed solutions back into a continual improvement lifecycle.

Graham has over 40 years’ broad experience across the IT industry providing innovative solutions, consulting and training, and is well suited in his role as COO, ensuring that our clients are able to maximise their investment in the use of our solutions.

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