Business Analyst Competency

Are you able to make informed decisions about Business Analyst Competency when allocating Business Analyst resources to projects?

How quickly are you able to get an overall understanding of Business Analyst Capability in your organisation, and provide a framework for ongoing measurement of the currency of knowledge and competence?

Business Analysts Competency

True assessments provide a Business Analyst Competency assessment that can provide an organisationally based baseline that will provide an excellent framework for helping make better and more informed decisions on BA resource allocation and professional development planning.

An organisationally based business analyst competency baseline is an extremely useful tool to:

  • Provide a framework for ongoing measurement of the currency of knowledge and competence, for compliance and audit purposes
  • Establish a performance management benchmark
  • Assess capabilities against an organisation’s project portfolio
  • Allow for informed decisions in regards to project allocation and resourcing levels
  • Identify specific training and professional development needs to reduce operational risk
  • Assist individuals in preparing for formal accreditation

Business Analysts themselves would find having their competency assessed by the organisation useful in terms of:

  • Understanding what the organisational standard is for the role
  • Understand their current competencies
  • Identify gaps in their skills
  • Being able to influence their professional development and prepare a targeted development plan

Business Analysts Competency 2

Find out more about the Business Analysis Competency assessment and the capability framework it utilises