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Cloud Readiness Assessment

True Assessments Cloud Readiness Assessment is based on NIST guidelines it helps ensure you understand the risks and highlights potential benefits.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
A cloud readiness assessment is an ideal basis for starting discussions or negotiations with cloud service providers.

If you want smooth your path towards cloud computing, then our readiness assessment is a great place to start.

If you have already started your cloud journey, then our assessment will help confirm you are on the right path or steer you towards it.

The True Assessments Cloud Readiness Assessment assesses:

  • Executive Strategy. Provides executive leadership a view into the organization’s readiness to address the opportunity for achieving significant operational and capital savings in IT, while vastly improving efficiency, agility, and innovation throughout the organization though implementation of cloud computing.
  • Cloud Computing Strategy. Gives an overview of the organization’s threshold for implementing different cloud computing models, scope, and technical potential for considering data centre consolidation, disaster recovery, and higher levels of security.
  • Awareness and Knowledge. Provides a baseline in understanding how persons within different organizations and management levels understand the basics of cloud computing, identifying opportunities for training and thought leadership that will facilitate better decision making and implementation of cloud computing projects.
  • Existing Technical Architecture. Highlights existing IT capabilities, budget processes, and decision making within the organization, allowing reference to compare the current IT environment with a model cloud environment.
  • Security and Risk Assessment. Helps understand if cloud computing cloud offer opportunity to increase data security, address compliance and regulatory issues, and standardize data management within the organization.
  • IT Governance & Management Strategy. Offers a comparison of existing governance and management of data at the organizational or user level for use in comparing the potential of cloud computing providing greater structure to data management and control.
  • IT Organization and Training Plans. Cloud computing require additional skills within the IT organization, as well as potential to realign the existing IT organization to focus on application and end user support.

Cloud readiness assessment detailed readinessThese areas are analysed based on responses from four different groups each with their own perspective as follows:

  • Executives: Board level or very senior management within the organisation who drive strategic direction specifically with regard to IT services and the provision thereof.
  • Technology Management: Senior management with responsibility for the management and provision of IT services to both internal and external customers.
  • Business Management: Senior managers within the business with the responsibility for the commissioning and specification of IT Services. This group will have a close working relationship with the IT service provider (Information Systems).
  • Technology Staff. Operational level staff within Information Systems with the responsibility for the day-to-day delivery and maintenance of IT services.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment key findings

Cloud Readiness Assessment key findings analysis

Cloud Readiness Assessment key findings analysis high impact

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