ISO 20000 Conformance Certification

Do you need to help your IT service providers prepare for their ISO 20000 certification?

To ensure ISO 20K conformance, improvement effort needs to be targeted. This is true, regardless of whether the project is in the initial adoption stages or needing to ensure conformance is up to date on an ongoing basis.

To gain a competitive edge for the delivery of IT services, the adoption of ISO/IEC 20000 international standard allows organisations to prove that their IT Service Management follows best practice and therefore demonstrate service delivery excellence.

This achieves conformance to a service management system which requires continually improved delivery of IT services, and also aligns to the IT infrastructure library (ITIL®) best practice framework.

The adoption of ISO 20000 is growing rapidly international, for both internal and external IT service providers and is a competitive differentiator for delivery of IT services.

The True Assessments ISO 20000 Conformance assessment that measures the conformance of the IT Service Management capability against the requirements of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 international standard.

ISO 20000 Conformance Certification

True Assessments ISO20K Conformance is suitable as a standalone assessment to quickly assess (or re-assess), an organisation’s Service Management System and produce a gap analysis against the standard, a prioritised improvement program, or to compliment a more in-depth consultancy assignment by:

  • Simplifying the process assessment aspects, and allowing more time and money for constructive and value-add consultancy
  • Providing a rich source of data outcomes to assist a consultancy process and help prioritise where to focus in-depth investigations and remedial actions.

The assessment can be used to:

  • Provide a baseline of current compliance against the ISO/IEC 20000 standard
  • Support those looking to achieve ISO200000 certification or alignment
  • Act as an internal audit assessment for re-certification, in order to reflect changes since 2005 version
  • Provide a baseline measurement to help drive any ITSM or continual improvement initiative

Quickly understand where to focus improvement effort with a comprehensive report directly from the portal based on survey outcomes that provides detailed:

  • Conformance scores and graphs based on the survey results
  • Specific observations for each assessed process based on the survey results
  • Anecdotal data based on the question feedback comments from survey participants
  • Comprehensive process improvement recommendations
  • Understanding of the perception of IT service delivery quality and value between the IT customer, IT management and IT staff, and the difference in perception between the roles.
  • Outcomes of an Improvement Readiness survey (High Level Risk analysis)

Find out more about ISO 20000 Conformance and how our tools can take the guesswork out of preparing for an ISO20K conformance audit.