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ISO 33000 Compliance Assessment

The adoption of the ITIL framework has become a worldwide phenomenon. ISO 33000 has become the recognised maturity measurement for ITIL processes. For both internal and external IT service providers there is often a need to:

  • Confirm that processes are indeed supporting the delivery of IT services
  • Ensure that organisational policy and strategy guidelines are being met
  • Measure processes against a recognised standard
  • Have assessment outcomes that are consistent and comparable for benchmarking and continual service improvement
  • Provide a competitive differentiator for delivery of IT services

The True Assessments ISO33000 Compliance assessment, using our unique SMPA methodology meets all these requirements in addition to:

  • Academic rigour
  • Industry relevance
  • Objectivity
  • Automation and low labour intensity

ISO 33000 Compliance Assessment

The assessment report presents the process capability results and provides process improvement recommendations.

Our cloud based (SaaS) assessment facilitates the process assessment approach in the following three steps:

  1. Online surveys are used to collect information for process assessment in the software. Questions are based on the process assessment model from ISO/IEC 15504 part 8 (an exemplar process assessment model for ITSM). Now known as ISO33000.
  2. Process capability ratings are calculated by the software using the measurement framework of ISO/IEC 15504-2. The average score based on all respondents along with the reliability of the score based on the responses consistency are determined by the software.
  3. The assessment report is generated by the software. It:
  • Presents the process capability scores
  • Provides process improvement recommendations when any area of process demonstrates risk (a score of partial achievement or lower).

– The process improvement recommendations are sourced from a knowledge base in the software that has been developed based on ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 guidelines.

Where any aspect of the process presents risks or non-conformance, the recommendation provides some commentary on what the desired state should be. These recommendations demonstrate areas to address the risks observed during process assessments and are best practice guidelines.

While any automated report is obviously unable to provide specific recommendations based on organisational context, a qualified and seasoned ITIL consultant is easily able to include such observations and conclusions as value-add consultancy.

An important and unique feature is our Score Reliability. While scores are all well and good, we believe it is vital when important decisions may be made based on the assessment outcomes, that there is a measure of how reliable the scores are.

ISO 33000 Compliance Assessment

Score Reliability is based on coefficient of variation (CV) that measures dispersion of responses from the average rating score at each process capability level.

  • “High” score reliability when CV is below 30%
  • “Moderate” score reliability for CV between 30 and 50%
  • “Poor” score reliability for CV above 50%

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