Project Health Checks

Project Health Check Tools help proactively mitigate the risk of project failures!

Are you or your clients successfully mitigating the risk of project failures through the proactive use of Project Health Checks? If not, read on to see what you need to do!

Project Health ChecksPMO’s, Programme and Project Managers should be proactively measuring the health of their projects compliance and effectiveness not only to PM best practice but also ensuring that the stakeholders are satisfied.

An objective and holistic view of how a project is progressing is best, rather than to rely only on how an individual project manager may perceive and report on project progress. The views of the other 3 key stakeholders, sponsors, customers and team members should also be taken into account.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late to find out a project is in stress, if you are unsure of the current status of projects or their likelihood of successfully delivering the agreed business objectives then you will need to take action. Proactive and regular Project Health checks could be your answer.

There are times you will need help to let people know what latently they already knew, but in a palatable way. Thereby providing the PMO or team with enough clarity to allow them to prioritise the way forward to either a successful conclusion or alternative action.


Would you like to easily be able traverse your whole project portfolio simply and regularly to carry out regular Project health checks to:

  • Identify potentially challenged projects BEFORE they become “red or amber” within your governance model?
  • Help plan early intervention for suspect projects?
  • Focus efforts to improve standards across the whole portfolio?
  • Reduce costs of project assurance?
  • Allow assurance services to be applied efficiently to small and medium size projects in a similar way to large projects
  • Proactively measure Stakeholder satisfaction

True Assessments provides a toolkit of Project Health checks that provide a proactive means of providing an objective view of the health of your projects in a simple and affordable way.


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