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Project Health Check Tools

True Assessments provide a toolkit of Project Health check assessments to assist Project Management consultants and professionals proactively mitigate the risk of project failures.

The Project Health Checks are designed to provide an immediate view of the health of projects within a portfolio across a wide range of Best Practice Project Management knowledge areas.

The health check can be used to:

  • Traverse the portfolio to identify challenged projects
  • Identify potentially challenged projects before they become “red or amber” within your governance model
  • Help plan early intervention for current projects
  • Focus efforts to improve standards across the portfolio
  • Proactively measure Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Reduce costs of project assurance
  • Allow for assurance services to be applied to more small and medium size projects

The assessments enable a consultancy or organisation assess the health of projects against a genuinely unique database of knowledge which reflects Best Practice, as drawn from the significant experience of our Project Management assessment development partner, in applying the following standards in real project environments. The result is a comprehensive suite of modules which apply across all industries and enterprise areas.

Project Health Check Tools

Project Health Check Knowledge Areas

The Health Check is broken down into the following Knowledge Areas:

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Cost
  • Integration
  • Procurement
  • Risk
  • Project Management Processes

Project Health Check Tools 2


Project Health Check Methodology

The assessment is managed via the True Assessments online console in which the assessment is initiated and configured by an assessment facilitator. It also used to manage the customisation and distribution of survey email invitations and reminders, tracking of survey progress and generation of the comprehensive final reports.

Using the True Assessment engine, assessments and remediation recommendations are able to be quickly and efficiently delivered with minimal interruption to the client being assessed.

Project Health Check Tools 3The project health checks gather information targeted at the various stakeholders involved with a project. This helps ensure that the outcomes are a true reflection of the actual situation. The types of roles targeted are:

  • Project Managers.
  • Project Team Members.
  • Business Stakeholders.
  • Partners.
  • Project Sponsors.
  • PMO Manager.
  • Line Managers.

The Project Manager/s and Team Members and other stakeholders are requested to complete online assessments via portal managed email invitations containing the survey access instructions.

  • Project Managers are asked to define the proficiency of project tasks that have been performed via a set of targeted survey questions
  • Project Stakeholders, (i.e. Sponsors and Customers), and/or Project team Members are asked a similar set of targeted survey questions as applicable to the roles

Project Health Check Reports are produced directly that analyse what areas of the project require additional focus and support such as PMO assistance.

Project Health Check Tools 4

Initiating & Planning + Execution, Control & Closing

To provide the appropriate level of focus the health checks are able to be conducted at two stages within the lifecycle of the projects across the portfolio:

  • Initiation & Planning: Project health is assessed in the specific context of Initiation & Planning, so it can be quickly gauged whether the projects are setup for success or not.
  • Execution, Control & Closing Project health is assessed during execution, control and closure in order to aggregate and store learning’s as well as identify bottlenecks and potential sunk costs during high cost periods within the project.

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