Skills Framework For The Information Age (SFIA)

In the current rapidly changing technology world, you should be assisting organisations align their IT workforce in order that they can deliver the needs of the business.

Retaining the right staff and developing their potential are vital to their success, and the SFIA, Skills Framework for the Information Age, is fast becoming the most popular way of describing the professional skills needed by IT organisations and departments.

You need to be able to quickly adapt to the capabilities of SFIA, and stay ahead of the game.

Be prepared with a SFIA toolset, pre-empt your clients move to using SFIA. If they have already discovered SFIA’s potential, then empower yourself and your company before they need to source an alternative advisor.

Skills Framework for the Information Age SFIA

True Assessments SFIA toolset (SFIA v6) will empower you and your team to easily be able to:

  • Conduct SFIA skills assessments for all the IT organisations staff, including streamlined mechanisms for carrying out validations by accredited assessors
  • Provide SFIA profile and validated reports for all participants directly
  • Provide organisational summary reports
  • Generate Role and Position descriptions against individual profiles
  • Match their organisational skills gaps to your own training initiatives or those of partner organisations

True Assessments have partnered with leaders in the SFIA framework to provide a comprehensive set of automated SFIA based tools for both individuals and organisations.

These will help organisations understand their current and future requirements, and better manage the full cycle of resource and capability management in a documented and repeatable way.

SFIA aims to help organisations effectively engage professionals in technology-related activity, either as employees or service providers. It also supports individuals in planning and managing their own professional development.

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