Winning Wheel Assessment

The Winning Wheel Assessment is derived from the best selling book The First XI Winning Organisations in Australia and makes this Winning Wheel Framework accessible to all organisations.

Our Winning Wheel assessment, is designed to:

  • Easily and quickly capture the necessary business information required to assess organisations as per the 9 dimensions of the Winning Wheel© Framework, from the three tiers of organisational management
  • Provide a highly-visualised view of the analysed outcomes
  • Provide the forum for identifying management strategies for business and organisational improvement

Winning Wheel Assessment

The Winning Wheel© Framework consists of nine dimensions:

  1. Effective Execution
  2. Perfect Alignment
  3. Adapt Rapidly
  4. Clear and Fuzzy Strategy
  5. Leadership, not Leaders
  6. Looking Out, Looking In
  7. Right People
  8. Manage the Downside
  9. Balance Everything

These 9 dimensions, encourages a balanced approach to performance measurement:

  • No one single element or measure characterises success
  • Measurement of progress in all nine elements is possible

Organisations of all sizes and types from a broad range of industries including the not for profit sector are now able to use the Wining Wheel assessment to develop organisational improvement strategies themselves, or with the assistance of business consultants.

The Winning Wheel assessment is easy to use with the outcomes able to be viewed from a Dashboard. Simply understand how an organisation is performing across each of the nine Winning Wheel Framework dimensions and identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Use the Dashboards to assist in developing strategies for improvement and implement structured plans to make improvements for sustainable and profitable organisational excellence and success in the future.

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