in Measuring IT Service Management (ITSM) Processes by

Automated Process Assessments

Automated process assessments are not only more efficient, they can also be:

  • less costly
  • more accurate
  • more honest (less bias)
  • more transparent
  • more objective
  • more consistent
  • more acceptable

Automated Process assessments, were often perceived as too lightweight to perform in-depth process assessments and to provide comprehensive ITSM processes improvement recommendations.

Automated process assessments using the Software-mediated Process Assessment (SMPA) method, can in fact provide a serious competitive advantage for organisations.

True Assessments (Assessment Portal Pty Ltd), were involved in research with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) to build the world-first automated process assessment tool based on the international standards for IT Service Management (ITSM) and process assessment.

Carried out predominately to offer more efficient process assessment mechanisms, it became obvious that the methodology overcomes many of the challenges associated with process assessments and improvement recommendations.

Challenges such as:

  • Reliance on costly and scarce consultants, each using their own proprietary process assessment methodologies. This makes consistency between consultants and repeatability difficult, and acceptance of the outcomes can be tainted by perceptions of vested interests.
  • Reliance on toolset vendors, while sometimes less costly, has similar challenges to the reliance on consultants. Acceptance of the outcomes can be tainted by perceived, or real, bias to toolset upselling.
  • Using internal staff for the assessments, is usually ineffective, facing challenges such as:

– Distraction from the regular day-to-day work
– Limited knowledge or skills
– Lack of objectivity
– Limited acceptance of findings
– Internal politics and hidden agendas
– Limited acceptance of findings

The SMPA approach aims to improve management processes of IT services in a more transparent and efficient way than either an external consulting firm or an internal team of assessors.


Automated Process Assessments


















A major strength of the SMPA approach is the consistency and repeatability of the approach for little to no additional costs and effort.

Consequently, iterations of self-assessments of processes facilitated by the SMPA approach can effectively and efficiently identify process improvements and contribute to continual service improvement (CSI).

Find out more About True Assessments Automated Process assessments using the SMPA approach here.

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