Organisational and Business Improvement Tools

Why do only 5% of Australian businesses achieve sustained above-average returns.

Many organisations try to find the ingredients for successful and sustained above-average organisational excellence and performance.

To achieve organisational excellence, even successful firms need to overcome powerful obstacles such as:

  • Competition
  • Inertia
  • Hubris
  • Aging

All of which can wear down even above-average performers over time.

What Organisational and Business Improvement tools can help you find the answers to achieving organisational excellence?

First XI – Winning Organisations in Australia is a book, widely endorsed in the business press and industry journals, that tackles these questions.

For a long time, the major source of Australia’s management theories and concepts hailed largely from North America through highly popular books such as “In Search of Excellence”, “Built to Last” and “Good to Great”.

Although these books highlighted findings from “winning” organisations in overseas markets, they are not directly transferrable to Australia.

They do not concentrate on how “winning” different in Australia or what the common principles are that set overseas organisations apart from Australian organisations?

The First X1 – Winning Organisations in Australia, published by authors Graeme Cocks, Graham Hubbard, Delyth Samual and Simon Heap is directly relevant to the Australian business environment and establishes that Australia is different!

Organisational and Business Improvement ToolsCentral to the book is The Winning Wheel© Framework, holistic, practical and simple to use. Derived from robust and empirical research rather than theoretically based.

“Most of the hallmark books on business excellence are American based and now aging. The First XI provides a current view of sustained excellence in business management based on extensive studies of eleven of Australia’s leading organisations. The book provides unique and practical insights into features of growth and strategic business cycles and should be in the briefcase of all those serious about building and operating successful organisations”. BRW.

With the True Assessments Winning Wheel assessment, the Winning Wheel© Framework has now been made easily accessible to all Australian organisations.

Developed jointly with Prismatic Solutions Pty Ltd and in consultation with Graeme Cocks (Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School and co-author of First XI).

Now Organisations of all sizes and types from a broad range of industries, including the not for profit sector, have easy access to the Wining Wheel framework, allowing them to develop organisational improvement strategies themselves, or with the assistance of business consultants.

The Winning Wheel Assessment Tool simplifies:

  • Collection of the specific business information required to understand the current situation
  • The visualisation of the outcomes to easily understand where organisational and management strategies can be introduced to improve performance.

Find out more about the Winning Wheel assessment and how our tools can simplify taking advantage of the Winning Wheel© Framework