Project Management Assessments

Are you struggling to assess project risk? All projects entail risk, after all, risk-free projects are probably not going to achieve great things.

Projects are risky. Project Management Assessments can help. Managing multiple projects simultaneously amplifies the risks significantly, especially when people and financial resources are stretched to the limit. Are you able to identify project risks before they occur?

Maximise your chances of identifying risks early on and planning how to manage them with the use of Project Management Assessments:

  1. Understand exactly what Project Management Assessment competencies, you have and need across the organisation using Project Management Assessment competency evaluations.
  2. Project Managers are frequently unaware the big hammer is about to fall until too late. Help mitigate the risk of unexpected project failures with the proactive and continual use of Project Management Assessment project health checks.

Project Management Assessments competency evaluations

Reduce and manage project risk by ensuring you have the information that enables you to assign the right level of project management competencies to the right projects using Project Management Competency Assessments.

Understand exactly what Project Management Competencies, you have across the organisation.

  • Understand the big picture, and ensure the right people are being assigned to the right projects
  • Identify the gaps in your project management knowledge and target your training effort and budget more appropriately

Project Management Assessments

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Project Management Assessment health checks

Don’t find out until it’s too late to find out that a project is in stress. Keep continual track of the status of projects and their likelihood of successfully delivering the agreed business objectives. Proactive, regular Project Health checks will help.

Project Management Assessment health checks provide an immediate view of the health of projects within a portfolio across a wide range of Best Practice Project Management knowledge areas.

Project Management Assessments 2

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