Project Manager Skills and Competencies

Ensuring managers have adequate Project Manager skills and competencies is critical to ensuring projects meet their functional and technical quality and don’t fail to meet the schedules or overrun their budgets.

Even well-funded and well-conceived projects can be at risk without the skilful co-ordination and management of the participants’ efforts.

Obviously the more complex the project, the more critical the management function becomes, and the more projects being juggled simultaneously, the greater the risk.

Understanding exactly what Project Management skills and competencies, you have and need across the organisation can help:

  • Understand the skill gaps, and provide the interventions necessary to fill the gaps. Be that, training, mentoring or recruitment.
  • Ensure that Project Managers are assigned to the projects that best suit their skills and competencies.
  • Ensure that projects are resourced with Project Managers that have the skills and competencies that match the criticality and importance of the project.

Project Manager skills and competency evaluations

Reduce and manage project risk by ensuring you have the information that enables you to assign the right level of project management competencies to the right projects using Project Management Competency Assessments.

Understand exactly what Project Management Competencies, you have across the organisation.

  • Understand the big picture, and ensure the right people are being assigned to the right projects
  • Identify the gaps in your project management knowledge and target your training effort and budget more appropriately

Project Manager Skills and Competencies

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