Business Assessments Reseller Platform

Boost your profit margins and billable time potential by having access to our range of world class business assessment tools.

At True Assessments we understand that in order for you, as a consultant, to efficiently run your consultancy business you need an assessment portal that you can rely on to deliver fast, reliable, accurate and consistent results

Save costs and time:

  • Increase your profit margin by managing more clients efficiently without increasing costs
  • Manage multiple assignments simultaneously from the office
  • Minimise unnecessary travel
  • Slash time on-site for workshops and forums with online surveys
  • Reduce reporting bench time significantly with out-of-the-box reporting (80-95%)
  • Maximise the use of lower cost consultants to produce the same results as senior consultants
  • Unleash high-cost consultants for higher billable engagements
  • Build trust and generate new business opportunities
  • Attract larger organisations on a global scale

As a consultant, you can expand your offerings while building trust and adding value to your clients. Save time and money while continuing to meet your customer’s expectations.

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The True Assessments Reseller portal allows you to deliver a range of complex business assessments to your clients.

  • You will be able to offer a wide range of business assessments which you can access via an online, maintenance free platform.
  • Deliver consistent and reliable results using a broader range of your consultants with varying degrees of experience and skills.
  • Expand your consultancy services by offering your customers a wider range of complimentary assessments and help your clients identify improvements across their business.
  • Tap into the expertise, knowledge and skills from foremost subject matter experts in their field
  • Automated analysis of your assessment survey results against an extensive knowledge base of advice and guidance to save time and effort whilst improving consistency.
  • Focus on delivering individualised, objective and consistent outcomes and business value without dependence on expensive resources
  • Free up your experienced consultants and your valuable resources allowing them to use their skills and knowledge where and when its most needed.
  • Reduce travelling time and overheads and maximise your margin by remotely delivering simultaneous multiple assignments
  • Branding flexibility and customised reporting templates aligned to your corporate image, provides a white label solution

True Assessment Engagement Model is designed to be hassle free.

Not only does our platform make it easy to deliver complex business assessments, we have extended that philosophy into how we work with our resellers

Very simply Assessment Portal works on a “Pay as you go” model. When you need one – you pay for it… that’s all.

For resellers wishing to deliver assessments to their own clients, we will ride along with you on your first assessment from beginning to end to ensure that you have a great initial experience. We will also help you tailor your reporting template(s) for future assessments.

Contact us today for an initial consult to discuss how the True Assessments Business Assessments can add value to your consultancy business.